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How to Enjoy the Mountain

Weather and conditions permitting, here are some recommended areas to visit.

How to enjoy Powder Snow Area
Lift/Gondola used : Arai Gondola (Zendana Station) → Zendana Lift → Kokenashi Lift
Course Point

This area is good for first tracks first thing in the morning.

Best to wait for other freeriding zones to open.

Big Bowl / Higashi Shamen Enjoy skiing Funaishi area until the area opens.
Mamushi & Wase

After skiing Big Bowl, enter from Myoko Long Run.

Enjoy the powder snow while circling on the Kokenashi lift.

If the Zendana Lift is running late, you can enjoy this place.
Lift/Gondola used : Arai Gondola (get off at Roppongi Station) →Kokenashi Lift
Course Point
1.  Exciter

This is a popular off piste course at Arai Snow Resort.

2. Mamushi & Wase

You can enjoy skiing around the course by using the Kokenashi Lift.

There are several entry gates to challenge various lines.

If the gondola is running late, you can enjoy it here.
Lift used : Sanroku 1st lift→Sanroku 2nd lift
Course Point
1. Discovery This is a course where you can enjoy freeriding in the Sanroku area.
2. KG

This is an area where freeriding can be maximally satisfying.

You can take the Sanroku 2nd lift from the Village Road.

* Information on lift/gondola service suspensions and course openings is available at the Ticket Center on the 1st floor of the Village Station.

For beginners
Lifts / gondolas used: Sanroku 1st Lift ・ Sanroku 2nd Lift ・ Kokenashi Lift
Course Point

Beginner skiers and snowboarders are recommended to practice on the pony course.

Myoko Long Run / Roppongi Road The Komoenashi Lift can be used to enjoy skiing until you are satisfied with the results.
Village Road

The gentle slopes are easy to ski, so beginners and children can enjoy skiing to their satisfaction.

* When skiing or snowboarding on beginner trails, safety should be your first priority to have fun. Please make sure you have the necessary equipment before skiing or snowboarding.
* The Myoko Long Run is a long distance (2.3 km), so those who are not used to skiing or snowboarding should use care.

Spring Season

~ Spring in Zendana area is fun with bumps and terrain parks! ~

Lift / Gondola used : Arai Gondola → Zendana Lift
Course Point
Be Free

This is the course from the top of the mountain that spreads out gently.

Start here to get accustomed to the terrain.

Happy Place    Entry course to enjoy the bumps
Encore A course where you can enjoy the terrain park
Benzaku You can enjoy the terrain called "cat road" at the bottom of the course.
Funaishi Spring snow is soft, smooth, and very comfortable to ski.

Spring Season

~A long run while enjoying the fresh greenery ~

Course Point
Big Bow

Big Bowl is especially recommended in spring season. On a sunny day, bring your lunch and enjoy the best skiing.

 Myoko Long Run

After skiing Big Bowl, you will join Myoko Long Run. Enjoy the scenery there as well.

Roppongi Road

After Myoko Long Run, you will enter Roppongi Road.

You can re-enter the upper area from the gondola intermediate station without skiing the heavy snow in the base area.

You can easily descend by gondola.

* Please check the condition of the trails and enjoy the scenery as the snow may be less at the end of the season.