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Address your package to the hotel’s street address and mark it for the attention of the Arai Front Desk. If you are a guest of the hotel, please include the name used on the reservation and the building of the hotel where you will be staying.
Lotte Arai Resort, 1966 Ryozenji, Myoko, Niigata 944-0062, ATTN: Arai Front Desk

If you are staying at ARAI, please write "Arai Front Desk". If you are staying at Lodge, Club or Nest, please write "Lodge Front Desk" and your name.

There is a free shuttle bus between Lotte Arai Resort and Joetsumyoko Station.
① Advance reservation is required. Seats are limited, so please make a reservation by the day before.
② It always aims to run on time. Please wait in the front lobby with plenty of time before departure.
* If you need a timetable, please contact the front desk staff.

You may leave your luggage with the front desk before check-in and after check-out.

The parking lot may be used free of charge.

You can find the hot springs on the 2nd floor of the Arai Building.
Please bring the towel provided from your room.
Please note that, while the onsens are open, staff are not president around the onsen area between 6:00 and 10:00 am.

The indoor pool is open all year long. In the summer you can also access our outdoor pool.
Guests who did not include free pool use in their booking plan will be charged separately for use of the pool facilities.

Free Wifi is available thoughout the hotel and within the rooms. Please connect to "Lotte Arai Resort" with your device. There is no password.

Unfortunately, we do not have any rooms where guests can stay with their pets.
However, you are free to have your pet accompany you in the outdoor plaza or parking lot.

Yes. Village Station 1F and Arai B1 are both equipped with drink and snack vending machines.

Yes. There are ice machines in two locations, on the third and fourth floors of the Arai Building. Guests staying in the Lodge, Club, or Nest buildings should speak to the front desk if they wish to have ice delivered to their room.

There is a coin-operated laundry on ARAI B1 Arcade.
We installed two each washing machine and drying machine.
It is 300 yen for washing and 100 yen for drying.

Wheelchairs and strollers are available, but may only be used inside the hotel.
Numbers are limited, so please inform the information desk or front desk if you wish to make use of these.

7-Eleven’s Nagamori branch and Lawson, Roadside Station Arai branch are around 15 minutes away by car.

Yes, it is available at the front counter on the first floor of the ARAI building.

Check-in is from 3:00 pm and check-out is until 11:00 pm.

We kindly ask that you pay for your stay fee when you check in.
We accept payment via cash or all major credit cards.

Guest rooms are available with a “plaza view” overlooking the resort grounds, or a “city view” from which you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Okenashiyama. Depending on the room type or other circumstances of your reservation, we may not be able to fulfill requests for a specific view. Please contact us in advance if you have a specific request.

There are two step-free rooms in the Arai Building and two in the Lodge Building.
Depending on the room type or other circumstances of your reservation, we may not be able to fulfill specific requests, so please contact us in advance.

The front desks are located on the 1st floor of the Arai Building and B1 of the Lodge Building. Please visit the front desk near you for any concerns or queries .
Alternatively, you can dial "front desk" or "0" on the phone in your room. The front desks are open 24 hours a day.

To turn on the lights in the room, insert the card key into the key case slot next to the room entrance door.

Please use the control panel on the wall of the room to adjust the temperature to your preference.

All room keys for the Arai building are a card type. Place the card key on the sensor on the doorknob to unlock the door. The door will then auto-lock when shut. Please be sure to always bring your room key with you when you go out.

Please wear the yukata, bathrobe, and slippers provided in your room only in your room.
Slippers can be used only when going to the Hoshizora Onsen.
Various amenities for children are available.
Please contact the front desk if you have any requests.

Yes, you can open the window in your room. However, please note that since we are located in the mountains, if you leave the window open, insects may enter, so please be careful and don't leave the window open when you are not in the room.

As a general rule, payment is required upon arrival. If you use additional services during your stay, we will settle the payment at the time of departure.
Particularly during high season, it can get crowded at the front desk for check-outs around 10 am on the day of departure. Please be considerate and give yourself plenty of time to settle your bill.

Yes, you can use the telephone in your room.
To call other rooms within Lottie Arai: press 7 + room number (4 digits, example: 0376, 1531 ...).
To call a domestic phone number in Japan: press 9 + phone number from area code.
For International calls: press 9 + 010 + country code + phone number
* Please remember call charges apply for all domestic and international calls in Japan.

As a general rule, the housekeeper will clean the rooms between 11:00 and 15:00 every day.
To support the environment, the bed sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are changed once every two days. If you feel you do not need the cleaning service, please hang the "THINK NATURE CARD" tag on the doorknob on the corridor side of the door, then you can get resort money of 1000JPY.

Free Wifi is available thoughout the hotel and within the rooms. Please connect to "Lotte Arai Resort" with your device. There is no password.

Only the mineral water is free of charge. Please note that there is a charge for other drinks within the refrigerator.