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Located on the border of Niigata Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture, LOTTE ARAI RESORT is the perfect location for sightseeing the surrounding area.

You can experience the charm of Kita-Shinetsu area in various ways throughout the four seasons.

*The following courses are model courses. Please inquire at the resort front desk regarding other tourist attractions.
*There are no resort ran transport services for each model course. Please use a private car or public transportation.

Sake Brewery Course

Sake Brewery Course

There are many sake breweries in Niigata, as such Joetsu-Myoko is a treasure trove of delicious award-winning sake.
Various famous sake breweries are scattered around LOTTE ARAI RESORT.
During the winter season we recommended visiting one of the sake breweries, as you can experience the tradition and craftsmanship of the brewing process in motion, as well as try the different tastes of sake.

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Takada Park

Takada and Joetsu tour

Located near the LOTTE ARAI RESORT, Joetsu City has a lot to offer. Here you can experience the scenery, history and tastes of the region.
Takada is a town of "Gangi" where you can enjoy the atmosphere of old snowy country alongside many great bars and restaurants.
Kasugayama, associated with the warlord Kenshin Uesugi, is home to many historical areas.
Iwahara Vineyard, is a winery with 130 years of history.
Naoetsu, a sea side area home the popular Joetsu Aquarium Museum, Umigatari.

There are also many events throughout the year such as the Takada Cherry Blossoms Festival which is said to be one of the biggest cherry blossoms in Japan; the Lotus Festival which boasts the largest number of Lotus flowers in the Orient, and also the Joetsu Kenshin SAKE Festival, where you can taste many famous sake from across Niigata .

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Hokushin tour

Hokushin tour

Located on the prefectural border, our hotel is within an hour of the Hokushin (north Shinshu) area of Nagano Prefecture, which has many amazing highlights.
Lake Nojiri, with its scenic beauty, is popular for water sports and fishing.
Obuse village, once home to the great artist Katsushika Hokusai and also offers many local delicacies made from chestnuts.
Then there is Nagano Zenkoji Temple, one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Japan and a true must see when visiting the area.

The Nagano Prefecture also has a lot of local cuisine on offer from is delicious soba, to seasonal fruits. Lastly, when across boarder in Nagano, on sunny days you can fully enjoy the view of Hokushin Godake (the collective name for Myoko’s five mountains) as well as a view of Japans Northern Alps.

It is recommended to organize a sightseeing plan during your stay with the hotel or around your check-in / check-out dates in order to have time to visit these amazing spots.

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