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Media Coverage Application

To representatives of the news and commercial media

Thank you very much for your interest in LOTTE ARAI RESORT. If you would like to schedule a shoot or have other questions, our public relations department will be happy to assist you. Please read the guidelines and fill out the provided form to apply


•If you would like to conduct a report on-site at the resort, please follow the instructions given by the company representative who will accompany you. Please kindly avoid disturbing guests who are making use of our facilities.
•Before conducting a report on-site, please confirm the desired date and format with the representative of our company and obtain the necessary permissions.
•If you plan to place an advertisement in a media outlet, please inform us of the details, such as the name of the intended media and any associated costs.

Available press materials

•Gallery materials may only be used after informing us of your intentions using the form below.
•While you do not have to wait for our reply before using the materials, depending on their purpose, we may request that you refrain from doing so.

Media coverage application form

Cover application form

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