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We have an authentic wax tune-up shop right inside of ARAI RESORT Village Station.
Our top of the line materials and expert staff provide you with a wax tune-up that is perfectly suited to the condition of the slopes on that day.
Of course, our vice tables are freely available to non-guests as well.


  • Type
  • Location
    Village Station 1F
  • Hours
    [ Open Period ]
    This season's service has ended.
    ‣Early:12/15/2023 - 12/22/2023
    ‣High:12/23/2023 - 03/24/2024
    ‣Spring:03/25/2024 - 05/6/2024

    [ Open Hours ]
    ・Early/High Season:7:30 - 17:00
    ・Spring Season:8:00 - 17:00


High Quality Course ¥6,000

We will apply base wax and sliding wax using WAX-FUTURE.

The wax will be delivered the next day or later.

Standard Course ¥4,000

We will apply base wax using WAX-FUTURE.

You will receive the wax the next day or later.

Quick Course ¥2,000

Base wax is applied using WAX-MASTER.

Time required: 10 minutes

WAX-FUTURE Only  ¥1,000

This course is for customers who have applied hot wax by themselves.

WAX-FUTURE will be applied once.

Time required: 5 minutes

 Scraping & Brushing  ¥2,000

Cleaning wax is used to remove dirt and old wax.

Time required: 30 minutes

* WAX-FUTURE is a machine that irradiates infrared rays to the skiing surface to make the wax penetrate the surface.
Four round trips are required for each irradiation.

※ All charges include tax.
※ The time required is standard, but please contact the staff for details.
※ You cannot receive it after the end of business hours. In this case, it can be delivered the next day. Please contact the rental staff when you request.

Other Services and Menus
Dry boots ¥500 per 1 pair

Drying time: 1 to 3 hours (depending on wet conditions)

Storage service ¥1,000 per 1 set

・It's 1,000 JPY per set for both stayed and day trip guests.

・Storage is free when wax tuning up.。

・It can be stored 1set: 

 - ski・pole・boots・wear

We provide benches and vices for your ski/snowboard, as well as ski/snowboard stands.
In addition to the above, we also provide screw-drivers, so please feel free to ask our rental shop staff for more information.


Village Station 1F SALOMON STATION

TEL +81-255-75-1175