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Slope Management

Arai Snow Resort is fully equipped with a variety of facilities and amenities to provide a comfortable slope experience.

For your comfort on the slopes

Arai Snow Resort has a mountain team that manages the facilities and equipment needed to enjoy the slopes in comfort and style.
Teams such as O’bellix (remote avalanche generator), Avalanche Forecaster, cableway, snow pressure, and patrols support a safe and enjoyable slope experience.

■ Mountain Team

slope patrol team

Arai Snow Resort's Mountain Team is made up of experienced staff who are dedicated to the operation of the slopes.
The cableway, snow pressure, and patrol teams work day and night to provide a safe skiing experience.
With their help, you can enjoy the best conditions possible.

■ PistenBully ( SnowCat )


We have the best skiing conditions.
Enjoy safe and comfortable skiing and snowboarding on our well-maintained slopes.

■ O'bellix ( Remote Avalanche Generator )

O'bellix is an important element of safety at Arai Snow Resort.
It is a remotely operable artificial avalanche device to protect the safety of skiers and snowboarders.
It is an indispensable element for enjoying the slopes with peace of mind.