ARAI Building

The ARAI building offers a casual and highly functional facility, allowing for a comfortable stay in a relaxed atmosphere.
Equipped with simple yet practical amenities, guests can unwind with ease.

Number of rooms

149 rooms (149 Superior Rooms)

Room Type

(Room Size)

◆ Superior ◆

- Double ( 23~26.4 m² )

- Twin ( Forest View Side : 23 m²  / Mountain View side : 31 m² )

- Family Twin ( 31~37 m² ) 

- Triple ( 31~40 m² )

- Family Triple ( 42 m² )

View Type

- Forest View

- Mountain View



- Korean Dining Dakhanmari

- Cottage Lounge

- Bakery Cafe


- Hoshizora Onsen

- Hoshizora Pool

- Banquet Haneuma

- Kids Room

※ During the snow season, please note that the amount of snowfall may affect the views from guest rooms and may not meet expectations.


While simple, our accommodations are fully equipped to ensure a comfortable stay.
Relax and enjoy a tranquil experience during your time with us.


We offer a diverse selection of restaurants, each showcasing a culinary experience tailored to your tastes.
Indulge in a leisurely dining experience while savoring the distinctive flavors crafted at each venue.



The Plate

The PLATE offers western-style cuisine throughout the day.
Dinner consists of a buffet prepared with a wide variety of ingredients, as well as a generous selection of desserts.
You can enjoy our summer special menu on the terrace seats.
restaurant, miyuki

Korean Style Dining Dakhanmari

We offer a wide variety of Korean delicacies such as banchan and cheese Chijimi, centered around the Dakhanmari dish.
Please enjoy our various original menus inspired by Korean cuisine.


REGINA Arai Bakery

Bakery Cafe

Start your day with a fresh morning at the freshly baked bread light buffet.


Lounge Sui

Cottage Lounge

At tea time, we offer homemade cakes and original ice cream. Complementing our original cakes and gâteau chocolat, we also provide sweet dessert wines. At night, our lounge offers a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy wine, pizza, and more.

Meetings & Events

We have a large banquet hall suitable for holding large meetings and events.
Our experienced staff service will support your important events.



The fashionable LOTTE ARAI Resort function room “Haneuma” is perfect for a variety of events and seminars.
The hall is fit with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and high ceilings, creating an open space.
Coupled with our high-class service, it is perfect for quality meetings and banquets.

LOTTE ARAI Resort Facilities

Restaurant Guide


Facility Guide

Kids room, Lotte character


Surrounding LOTTE ARAI Resort are numerous tourist spots offering enjoyment throughout the seasons.
From nature and history to gourmet delights and leisure activities, there are plenty of attractions to suit every traveler's interests


A Guide to Enjoyment

Surrounding LOTTE ARAI Resort are numerous tourist attractions that offer enjoyment year-round.
From nature and history to gourmet dining and leisure activities, there's something for every traveler's interests, captivating visitors from around the world.