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Spa Manna is a complex relaxation facility which contains spa, pool and fitness.
It has a dry sauna and a mist sauna inside, an outdoor bath, water pool and a walking pool


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“Onsen and Sauna, Snow Country's Wellness Style.”

Experience a new type of body care to protect the physical and mental health of the guests.

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Body Treatment & Facial Treatment

Mandara Spa, Body and soul harmony

*All treatments include a relaxing SPA MANNA's exclusive open-air spa and sauna are available

[Body Treatment]

■Signature Treatment 90min ¥24,000
For the first 30 minutes, our therapists will correct your body alignment and condition your body, followed by 60 minutes of relaxing warm jojoba oil treatment.
Our 90 minute signature is the most popilar is our recommendation.

■Spa Manna Jojoba Oil Body Treatment 60min ¥19.000 90min ¥24,000
This body treatment uses high-quality jojoba oil, which is healthy for the skin.
Thus, the smoothness of the skin after the treatment stands out.
This treatment menu aims to warm the body and soul.

■Spa Manna Therapeutic Body Treatment 60min ¥18,000 90miin ¥23,000
Using Kiatsu pressure point treatment techniques, your tired body will be recovered.
Perfect to heal a tired body from a day of traveling or from returning from the slopes.

∟Hydrogen inhalation 15min ¥5,000
with head and reflexology treatment 15 min.

■Hot Stone Treatment 80min ¥28,000
Hot stone treatment using Takamagahara Amaterasu stone.
80 munutes of pure relaxatoin.

■Herbal Ball Treatment 120min ¥28,000
This treatment focuses on warming the body using heated medicinal herbs that are healthy for the body with a body treatment that targets the pressure point to relieve tiredness.

[Facial Treatment]

■Cellpia Facial 60min ¥20,000 90min ¥28,000
Cellpia is famous due to its growth factor effect.
To maximize the effectiveness of the growth factor, the therapist carefully penetrates the skin to enhance the skin's absorpion.

[Body & Facial Treatment]

■Special Package 120min ¥32,000
First, 60 minutes of therapeutic body treatment and 60 minutes of Cellpia facial treatment.
An enjoyable half-day course.

[ Notes ]
* The minimum age to receive treatment is 16 years old.
* The hot spring is included (free of charge) with the spa treatment menu.
* Spa treatments include a hot spring bath, so please allow 30 minutes from the time of your reservation for your treatment to begin.
The treatment will be performed after 30 minutes of bathing.
* If you wish to change your reservation, please call us.

TEL: +81-255-75-1120 (Phone hours: 3:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.)


TEL +81-255-75-1120