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Enjoy fresh local fish from fishing boats and delicious rice and vegetables from contracted farmers along with traditional techniques.


  • Type
    Sushi Restaurant
  • Location
    LODGE 2F
  • Seat
    Reservations required: 7 seats
  • Hours of Operation
    Open Period:Dec. 19th, 2023 - Feb. 29th, 2024
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[ Open Period ]
Dec. 19th, 2023 - Feb. 29th, 2024

[ Open Days ]
Reservations required:Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

[ Open Hours ]
18:00 - 22:00

* Menu and operation hours may change depending on hotel situation, please contact us for more information


Blessings from the mountains grown in melted snow. The delicacies of the sea.
Fresh local fish from fishing boats and delicious rice and vegetables from contracted farmers.
Enjoy fresh fish.
The owner carefully selects and purchases ingredients every morning.

[ Reservations required ]
Recommended Sushi Course

¥20,000 (Tax included)

* We only offer omakase courses that use a variety of seasonal ingredients.
The restaurant will only accept customers who have made a reservation at least one day in advance, and will not be able to accept visitors without a reservation.
Please understand this in advance.

* Reservations must be made by 18:00 the day before the desired date.
* The dinner package, which is included with your stay, is not available.

[ Cancellation Policy ]
The following cancellation policy will be applied in case of cancellation of a reservation.

Cancellations made up to 2 days prior to the reservation date will be charged 50% of the total amount of the reservation.
Cancellations made 1 day prior to the reservation date or on the day of the reservation will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
If you wish to change or cancel your reservation, please contact us as far in advance as possible.

* If you need to cancel or change your booking, please contact the below email address.

[ Remarks ]
1. Vegetarian, Vegan, and Religious Foods
Please understand that we are unable to accommodate the following dietary restrictions.

Customers who cannot eat raw fish
Vegetarians and vegans
Kosher and Halal

2. Ingredients and Allergies
Please be aware of the following points.

If you have a wide range of allergies or food allergies (shellfish, crustaceans, blue fish, sea urchin, etc., or if tuna, shellfish, raw fish, etc. make up the majority of your course), we will not be able to accept your reservation.
Please understand that we are unable to accommodate gluten-free food.
Please indicate any food allergies of your guests at the time of reservation.

3. about perfumes
In order to maximize the enjoyment of the delicate aroma of Japanese cuisine, we do not allow the use of perfume or eau de cologne in our restaurant.
We ask for your understanding in consideration of other customers and in order for you to enjoy the original aroma of our cuisine.

4. Accompanying Children
It is difficult to dine at the counter with children in your arms.
However, we are able to accommodate children who can eat a course for one.
Please contact the restaurant in advance if you intend to bring your children to the restaurant.