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We are no longer open for business this season.

Enjoy your stay to the fullest with the help of experienced instructors

The snow schools at LOTTE ARAI RESORT will make your stay a memorable one by crafting lessons to your heart's desire.

World-class slopes and caring instructors will bring out the true beauty and thrill of the snow.

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Inter Alpen / Hours 8:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.

Reserve by call : TEL: +81-255-75-1113

Myoko Snowsports

Reserve by call: + 81-255-75-1160
EMAIL: arai@myokosnowsports.com (all year)

21-22 LOTTE ARAI RESORT Snowsports School and Guide Membership System

LOTTE ARAI RESORT ("LAR") has formally agreed that snow sports school guides not owned by or directly affiliated
with LOTTE ARAI RESORT must be affiliated with LAR as an Authorized Operator in order to use all of its lifts for commercial operations.
The purpose is to maintain and improve the safety and enjoyment of our customers at all times by ensuring the quality of the experience they receive at LAR.
LAR has therefore established an official LOTTE ARAI RESORT School Guide affiliation system to accredit snow sports schools and guides that are not owned by or directly affiliated with LAR.
As a result, it is basically prohibited to conduct snow sports school and guide business in the LAR without being accredited by the LAR,
but if you can agree to the terms and conditions, please apply.

If you agree to the terms and conditions, please apply.