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Slope Guide

Welcome to Arai Snow Resort!

Our slopes offer natural beauty and snow fun in every season.
With 14 pressurized snow courses and 10 freeriding zones, you can enjoy the best skiing and snowboarding.

Ski Conditions

Please check the latest information on Arai Snow Resort, including weather forecast, snow conditions, and lift operation status.
We provide the information you need for safe skiing.

Ski Trail Map

Arai Snow Resort's slope map is guided.
You can see at a glance the location of courses, lift information, restaurants and lodges.

Course Information

Arai Snow Resort boasts a wide variety of courses designed for skiers and snowboarders.
It offers fun for intermediate to advanced riders.
Detailed information, difficulty levels, and recommendations for each course are introduced here.

List of equipment on the slopes

This section introduces the equipment available for use at Arai Snow Resort other than skis and snowboards.

Terrain Park

Arai Snow Resort's slopes will open their terrain park with the arrival of spring.
Specially designed to provide skiers and snowboarders with a fun time.

Slalom Course Rentals

A pole barn is now open on the slopes of Arai Snow Resort to support skill development!
Come take your skills to new heights in this exciting training area!

Access to Ski Slopes Nearby (winter only)

Local buses to nearby slopes provide convenient and affordable transportation.
Learn more about the timetables and fares that will be in operation during the season.