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2022 Green Season Event Schedule

Here is a guide to events held during the green season.
Create fun memories by participating in Arai Resort's events.
Period : 2022-04-29 - 2022-12-04
Event Detail
Date Event Name
Jul 16th(Sat) - Aug 1st(Wed) Garden Pool
Jul 16th(Sat) - Aug 31th(Wed)  Night Pool (specified date)
Jul 16th(Sat) - 17th(Sun) SEA TO SUMMIT 2022
Jul 24th(Sun) - 29th(Fri) 2022 MYOKO String Seminars at LOTTE ARAI RESORT
Sep 10th(Sat) - 11th(Sun) MIND TRAVEL
Oct 17th(Mon) - Nov 20th(Sun) NIIGATA SAKE FARE
Oct 23th(Sun) John Bull in MYOKO 2022
Nov 5th(Sat) - 6th(Sun) NASC OFFROAD 2HR TAIKYU RACE

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* Events and dates are subject to change.