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Korean Dining Dakhanmari

We offer a wide variety of Korean delicacies such as banchan and cheese Chijimi, centered around Dakhanmari, a Korean hot pot dish that uses a whole chicken in a hearty dish.
Please enjoy our original menu inspired by Korean cuisine.
In addition to Dakhanmari, we also offer a variety of "non-spicy" dishes for those who do not like spicy food.


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[COVID-19] Notice for Coronavirus Infection Prevention
For safe use of activity, put a face mask and sterilize alcohol on hands to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Please kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.

1) Regular disinfection of tables, chairs, and menus
2) In case of congestion, separate the operation hours and implement the reservation system.
3) All guests must disinfect their hands when using the restaurant.
4) Limit the maximum number of people per restaurant.

Operating Hours

Temporarily closed
 Next business is scheduled from 12/16 (Fri.)

Dinner :5:00 p.m.~10:00 p.m.(L.O. 9:30 p.m.)

※ Operation and business hours are subject to change depending on circumstances.



Gozen Menu ¥3,080
(You can choose from Kuppa Gozen and Japanese Zosui Gozen) 

- Children :
Kid's Gozen ¥1,870

*Beverage bar is included in breakfast menu. (Coffee, tea, soft drinks)


[Course Menu]
-One-pot course ¥5,280
Main Course
Choice of “Dakhanmari/Cheese Dakkalbi/Dejikalbi”
Half a dakhaanmari chicken for 2 persons and one chicken for 4 persons.

[Main Menu]
Dakhanmari Hot Pot
∟Half a meat (for 2~3 persons) ¥4,400
∟One chicken (for 3~4 persons) ¥8,800
∟Leg meat (small pot of thigh) (for 1 person) ¥2,200

Cheese Dakkalbi (chicken), Cheese Dejikalbi (pork)
∟2,200 per person
∟For 2 persons ¥4,400

Kid's plate ¥3,300
Main (Chicken doria)
Cheese Chijimi for kids
Fried chicken
French fries
One drink included
*Additional drink bar for kids is ¥440

[A la carte menu]
-Banchan 3-Piece Assortment ¥990
-Bulgogi kimbap ¥990
-Tuna mayo corn kimbap ¥880
-Vegetable cheese Chijimi ¥880
-Kimchi cheese Chijimi ¥880
-Mentaiko potato cheese Chijimi ¥990
-Special Possum
∟Half portion ¥990 / Full portion ¥1,650 / Add meat ¥660
-Fluffy seaweed keranchim ¥770
-Kanjangseu with sweet shrimp ¥550
-kimchi yakko(Tofu) ¥440
-Japchae ¥770
-Pork kimchi ¥880
-limited quantity-Pork kimchi of a man's dream ¥1,650
-Dakhanmari special soup (red or white) ¥880
∟+Noodles (udon or dry noodle) or rice with extra ¥220
-Korean style sardine becak fiko ¥550
-Crab shell gratin ¥550
-Stir-fried hormone ¥660
-Choreggi salad ¥550
-Yangnyom chicken ¥880
-French fries ¥550

[Dessert Menu]
-Seasonal fruit compote ice cream ¥550

Menu for Package

Guests staying under the package plan with dinner can order from the following menu.

[Course Menu]
○ Please choose your main dish.
∟(Dakhanmari or Cheese Dakgalbi (chicken) or Cheese Daegalbi (pork))
*Half a dakhanmari hot pot is served for two persons, and one for four persons.
for one person, it is served as a "leg meat (small) pot"
(For an additional ¥2,220, you can have more meat for one person.)

- 3 banchan of chef's choice
- Cholegi salad
- Vegetable cheese chijimi
- Korean style sardine becak fico
- Choice of Finishing Set (Korean Udon Noodle, Rice)
- Today’s dessert


-Coke ¥550
-Ginger ale ¥550
-Oolong Tea ¥550
-Orange juice ¥550
-Coffee (Hot/Cold) ¥660
-Tea (Hot/Cold) ¥550

・The Malts draft beer ¥880
・Wine by the glass (red/white) ¥770
・Glass of makkoli ¥550
・Kettle of makkoli ¥2,200

*With the exception of some items, dinner menu items are available for take-out. Please feel free to ask our staff.
*Dishes are subject to change depending on the season.

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Restaurant Booking

Dinner reservations are available.
When using dinner, we operate a nine-part system to limit the number of people in the restaurant, so please kindly understand.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but if your group consists of 9 people or more, please call us in advance to prepare a table. 

 - Part1 : 5:00p.m. -
 - Part2 : 5:30p.m. -
 - Part3 : 6:00p.m. -
 - Part4 : 6:30p.m. -
 - Part5 : 7:00p.m. -

 - Part6 : 7:30p.m. -
 - Part7 : 8:00p.m. -
 - Part8 : 8:30p.m. -
 - Part9 : 9:00p.m. -

※ Each table will have a time limit of 120 minutes per group. (2 hours)
※ Please come to the store at the reserved time. If you do not come to the store for more than 15 minutes,
 it may be treated as a cancellation.
※Changes can be made by phone after the reservation has been made.


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