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Grand Ballroom

SIGNIEL BUSAN Grand Ballroom Wedding is a place where banquet spaces of various sizes and outdoor gardens are harmonized where you can enjoy panoramic views of the endless sea. It's time to be the main character who promises eternity while looking at the red sunset on the blue sea.

Basic Information

  • Capacity
  • Size
    1176.9 ㎡
  • Location


• The Scene of Eternity
"The infinity felt in the sea and the eternal love that marriage means."
SIGNIEL BUSAN Wedding is a place where you promise eternal love looking at the horizon of the wide Haeundae sea. It's time to be the main character of the happiest moment while looking at the blue sea.

• SIGNIEL BUSAN WEDDING Styling by 'Kristin Banta'
- World's Best Event Designer
- Event Planner of the Year for two consecutive years by US Event Solution (2014 and 2015)
- Inspired by blue waves and waves of the sea with delicate table decorations that combine gold and blue, the decorative stage with colorful beads and the Blue Ombre-style Virgin Road give the wedding a new feeling.


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