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Outdoor Swimming Pool

Enjoy the view of Haeundae from the all-season outdoor spa pool. The infinity pool creates an exotic atmosphere in perfect harmony with the endless panoramic view of Haeundae.


  • Type
    Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Location
  • Hours
    09:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Additional Details

  • Facilities: Main infinity pool, kids’ pool, plunge pool, sunlounger zone, and pool bar
  • Paid facilities: Private pool cabana and view cabana
  • Outdoor Pool Rules of Use: Infants/children (up to age 13) must be accompanied by a guardian
  • Open exclusively to members and hotel guests; visitors are not permitted
  • Please be advised that operation is limited to once a day during peak season (July to August).
  • Swim caps or regular caps must be worn when using the outdoor swimming pool
  • Closed on the last Wednesday of every month (normal operation in July and December)
  • Closing schedule is subject to change without prior notice depending on circumstances.

Rule of Use

  • Please wear a swim cap before going in the pool.
  • Children below 13 years must be accompanied by an adult in swimwear.
  • Flippers snorkels and other personal equipment other than life jacket are prohibited.
  • You cannot use the swimming pool after drinking alcohol.
  • Please be careful of the slippery floor in the swimming pool. No running, jumping and diving in the swimming pool
  • For your safety, please cooperate with the life guards, and in the event of an injury. Please follow their instructions.
  • The hotel is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen valuables.
  • We shall not be held responsible for any accident caused by an individual's negligence.
  • Guests who have tattoos (over 20cm in size) should cover them up so that they are not visible.
  • Disinfectants in the pool may cause an allergic reaction. Those who have a related allergy must not enter the pool.
  • Photography and video are prohibited under the water and in the locker room.

Notice regarding paid facilities

Type Private Pool Cabana   View Cabana    

Time 1 (09:00~11:00)

Time 2 (12:00~14:00)

Time 3 (15:00~17:00)

Time 4 (18:00~20:00)


& September~October

120,000 60,000


(Peak season)

220,000 100,000
November~December 110,000 Unoperated
  • Each facility has different rates depending on the duration of operation.
  • Period is subject to change based on weather conditions (e.g., typhoons, strong winds, and monsoons).
  • Rate includes VAT.
  • Available only with advance reservation.
  • Cancellations will incur a fee.
  • One day before reserved usage: Penalty equivalent to 50% of the rate will be charged.
  • Day of reserved usage: Penalty equivalent to 100% of the rate will be charged.
  • This facility is exclusively for hotel guests and fitness members and is not available for external guests.

Notice of Operation

  • Notice regarding outdoor swimming pool operation
  • Precipitation of less than 16mm/hour: Complimentary outdoor swimming pool facilities available, paid facilities not available
  • Precipitation of 17mm/hour or more: All outdoor swimming pool facilities unavailable
  • Wind speed of less than 12m/s: All outdoor swimming pool facilities available
  • Wind speed of 13m/s or more: All outdoor swimming pool facilities unavailable
  • Parasols in wind speed of 10 m/s or more: Unavailable
  • Please be advised that the outdoor swimming pool may be closed regardless of precipitation or wind speed in the event of sudden gusts or heavy rainfall warnings deemed unsafe to guests.

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