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Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the hotel address as the recipient, but you must enter your name and stay dates.

Address: SIGNIEL BUSAN, 30 Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea (48099)
Tel.: +82-51-922-1000
Recipient: Stay Date ○/○, ○○○ (Guest name), 3F Concierge Desk, SIGNIEL BUSAN

SIGNIEL BUSAN does not operate a shuttle.
For inquiries regarding airport limousines, please contact Taeyoung Airport Limousine at +82-51-972-7747.

Check-in is at 3:00 PM and check-out is at 11:00 AM.

We offer luggage storage services for hotel guests (room, restaurant, etc.) at the lobby concierge desk on the third floor.

Hanwha Motiev electric vehicle chargers are installed from B1 - B5. The charging fee is KRW 270 per kwh for non-members.
Please be informed that charging cards issued by rental car companies (Socar, Green Car) cannot be used.

* Check charger location and availability: https://www.hanwhamotiev.com/web/carinfo/chargerSearch.do

Parking Rates
- Free parking period: Up to 20 minutes
- KRW 800 for each additional 10 minutes
- Daily maximum: KRW 30,000 (up to 24 hours from the time of entry)

* Hotel guests must register their vehicle in advance
- Parking is free from the check-in date until 3:00 PM on the check-out date.

* Free parking period for each location
- Patrons of The View and Chaoran 4 hours
- The Lounge (lobby lounge): 3 hours (1 hour for take-outs)

We are affiliated with the following credit cards. The number of times benefits can be used vary based on the balance and card type.

- Shinhan Card: The Premier Gold Edition, The Premier (Colors: Gold, Black)
- KEB Hana Card: Club 1
- Hyundai Card Black, Black Edition 2, Black Edition 3

Microwaves are not available for guest use.
If you bring baby food or special dietary items with you, please press the “SIGNIEL Service” button on the phone in your room. We will be happy to heat up your food and deliver it to you. (Available 24 hours)

Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel with no password required.


We offer packages that allow you to bring your pets (limited to pets weighing up to 10 kg).
For more details, please contact the Room Reservation Department.

Tel.: +82-51-922-1111
Email: rsv.signiel.busan@lotte.net

We do not have a coin laundromat or dryer.
If you have laundry needs, you can use the hotel laundry service for a fee.

Wheelchairs and strollers are available at the hotel for guests to use within the hotel premises.
If you wish to avail of this service, please contact the hotel in advance.

* Please be aware that quantities are limited. If you require a wheelchair or stroller rental, kindly request this service by calling the main hotel phone number after booking your stay. (+82-51-922-1000)

There is a 7-Eleven convenience store at the LCT MALL (3F), which you can access from the hotel front desk.

* Please note that mall hours may vary by season.

There is a currency exchange machine (WOWPASS kiosk) in the event space elevator hall on B1.

All amenities are prepared in reusable containers.
If you need children’s amenities in reusable containers, please call us and we will deliver them to your room.

* If you require a rental, kindly request this service by calling the main hotel phone number after booking your stay. (+82-51-922-1000)

For more detailed information, please direct your inquiries to the concierge email provided below.

Email: conci.signiel.busan@lotte.net

There are small meeting rooms in the following locations, for guests to use during their stay.

Wedding Lounge (4F): Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Up to 2 hours (Tel.: +82-51-922-1040)
Salon de SIGNIEL (8F): 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM Daily, Up to 2 hours (Tel.: +82-51-922-1136)

The credit card used to make the reservation is only required to secure your booking. Your payment will be processed at check-in.

If you need to rent children’s products, please contact the Reservation Department after booking your room. (+82-51-922-1111)
These items can only be used within the hotel premises and cannot be taken outside.

1. Children’s Amenities: DADAUMPA products (in reusable containers)
2. Baby Crib: Stokke Sleepi (0 - 12 months / 13 - 24 months)
* The mattress height will differ based on the child’s age.
3. Air purifier (includes humidifier)
4. Baby stroller
5. Bottle Sterilizer
6. Footstool

Please note there is no bed rail. You can rent an extra pillow to put next to the bed instead of a bed rail.

* Please be aware that quantities are limited. If you require a rental, kindly make a request to the Reservation Department in advance after booking your stay.

Tel.: +82-51-922-1111
Email: rsv.signiel.busan@lotte.net

You will have an ocean view.
However, it will not be a view of Haeundae Beach. You'll be able to see Dalmaji Hill and Mipo Harbor, a small harbor with fishing boats bobbing gently in the water.

There are two rooms.
Please contact the reservation office to book them.

1. Four guests may fit in one room as follows.

- Two adults and two children, or three adults and one child
You can add one child to the Family Twin Room (king bed + single bed) for your stay. (Fee for additional child: KRW 30,250 per night)
There are three types of Family Twin Room: Premier Family Twin Dalmaji Road View, SIGNIEL Premier Family Twin City View, and SIGNIEL Premier Family Twin Ocean View.
An extra bed cannot be added to the Premier Family Twin Dalmaji Road View Room due to limited space.
If you need to add an extra bed, please book the SIGNIEL Premier Family Twin City View Room, or the SIGNIEL Premier Family Twin Ocean View Room. (Fee for extra bed: KRW 60,500 per night)

- For four adults
You can add one guest and an extra bed to the SIGNIEL Premier Family Twin City View Room, or the SIGNIEL Premier Family Twin Ocean View Room for a fee.
(Fee for an additional adult guest: KRW 60,500 per night / Fee for an extra bed: KRW 60,500 per night)

* Our reservation system does not include reservations with four guests. Please register three guests and book a Family Twin Room. Then write down the number of guests in the “Request” field or contact the reservation office.

2.If there are five guests (including children), you cannot stay in one room.
Please book two rooms or use a connecting room where two rooms are connected.

* Child rates will be applied to children aged from 49 months to 6th grade.
* If you need to book connecting rooms, please contact the reservation office.

Tel.: +82-51-922-1111
Email: rsv.signiel.busan@lotte.net

 Minors (under 19 years of age) must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians in order to stay at the hotel.

For inquiries relating to rooms, please contact us using the phone number or email below.

Tel.: +82-51-922-1111
Email: rsv.signiel.busan@lotte.net

The front desk is located on the third floor.
To call the front desk, please press “SIGNIEL Service” or “0” on the phone in your room.
(Available 24 hours)

You will be charged the room rate and deposit at check-in.
If you use additional services during your stay, you will be charged at check-out after the room charge.

If you need to prepay before check-in, please contact the hotel.

Tel.: +82-51-922-1111
Email: rsv.signiel.busan@lotte.net

You may make calls to locations within and outside the hotel using the phone in your room.

To call another room in the hotel: 7 + 4-digit room number (e.g.: Room 0805 → 70805)
To make a domestic call: 9 + Phone number
To make an international call: 9 + 001 + Country code + Phone number

* Calls made to numbers outside the hotel will incur a call charge. Please pay at check-out.

In your room you can use the controller on the wall to adjust the room temperature and turn the thermostat on/off.

The Evian water bottles in the mini bar, coffee capsules, and tea bags are complimentary.
However, charges will apply for all other products.

Please note that this space is exclusively for members and hotel guests. It closes on the last Wednesday of each month. (Open every day in July and December)

* Please be informed that in July and August, guests will be limited to one visit per day.
* Swim caps are required in the indoor and outdoor swimming pools. You can purchase swim caps and goggles at the reception desk.
* The outdoor swimming pool may be closed for safety reasons depending on the weather.
* Tattoos that are 20 cm or larger must be covered by wearing a long-sleeve swimsuit, etc.
* Flippers, snorkels, and other personal equipment other than life jackets are prohibited.

Life jackets, children’s arm floats, and neck floats are available to use free of charge.

* Please be aware that quantities are limited, and items may be out of stock.

Swimsuits are not available to purchase or rent at the hotel.
You can purchase them at a nearby convenience store or at Emart.
There is a 7-Eleven on the 3rd floor of the LCT building. Emart is a 15-minute walk from the hotel.

Please be informed that the swimming pool may be closed due to wind or rain,
and we may close down the area for guests’ safety in the event of sudden winds or heavy rain warnings, regardless of the actual conditions.

This space is exclusively for members and hotel guests. It is open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
Please note that the facility closes on the last Wednesday of each month. (Open every day in July and December)
Workout clothes and socks are available to rent. Please bring your own training shoes.

This is a paid facility exclusively for adult members and hotel guests (aged 17 and above).
Please note that the facility closes on the last Wednesday of each month. (Open every day in July and December)
Hotel guests will pay a discounted rate of KRW 44,000 for one-time entry.

* Access may be restricted if you have a tattoo.

The exclusive complimentary lounge for guests is open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM. You are welcome to use the lounge at any time during your stay.
Snacks and beverages are available. From 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, you can enjoy champagne and sparkling wine.

Room service is available 24 hours a day. The menu varies based on the time of day.
Please press the “SIGNIEL Service” or “In-room Dining” button on the phone in your room to order room service.

You can make restaurant reservations by calling the phone numbers below:

1. The View (Buffet 5F): +82-51-922-1230
2. Chaoran (Chinese cuisine 5F): +82-51-922-1250
3. The Lounge (Lounge 3F): +82-51-922-1212

Please call the numbers below and check with the manager for more details.

Tel.: +82-51-922-1040, +82-51-922-1000
Inquiries: https://www.lottehotel.com/busan-signiel/ko/wedding-conference/banquet-halls/conference-inquiry.html

The large Grand Ballroom and medium-sized Ballroom are on the fourth floor of SIGNIEL BUSAN.

The seating capacity varies depending on the room setup. The Grand Ballroom fits 100 - 990 guests, and the Ballroom fits 50 - 250 guests.

- To use the B1F parking lot: Use the hotel elevator in D-7 or B-7 and go to the fourth floor
- To use the B2F - B5F parking lots: Take the elevator in the LCT MALL to the third floor → Enter the hotel main entrance → Ride the escalators to the fourth floor

The wedding consultation office is open from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. An appointment must be made for all consultations.

Tel.: +82-51-922-1040
Webpage: https://www.lottehotel.com/busan-signiel/ko/wedding-conference/hotel-wedding/wedding-inquiry.html

If you are participating in the event, you can register your vehicle at the entrance of the venue.
Parking hours vary depending on the event schedule. For weddings, 4 hours of free parking is provided.

The minimum quantity for purchasing hotel accommodation vouchers is 10. Please call the number below to purchase.

Tel.: +82-51-922-1040