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LOTTE HOTEL ULSAN, located in the new downtown of South Korea`s premier industrial city Ulsan, offers the best options to satisfy your travels including business trip and sightseeing, as we have 200 rooms with convenient access to the airport, bus terminals, shopping centers and financial districts. LOTTE HOTEL ULSAN commands a beautiful landscape view of the Taehwa River crossing Ulsan with modern and classy atmosphere, and has created a new culture of Ulsan with our elegant services.


ulsan, deluxe room


LOTTE HOTEL ULSAN boasts a wide space and sophisticated interior designs. As the best place to enjoy a panoramic view of the Onsan Industrial Complex, which is one of the 12 scenic views
- LOTTE HOTEL ULSAN provides the ultimate comfort and rest at leisure for business and sightseeing
- 200 rooms commanding a beautiful landscape of the Onsan Industrial Complex and downtown Ulsan
- Newly renovated rooms with modern designs




Enjoy the best cuisines ranging from world-renowned liquor and beverages to delicious main dishes and desserts
- Various and rich cuisines including Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Western foods enjoyable in a studio kitchen-type open station
- Experience the true taste of Chinese cuisines from Guangdong, Sichuan and Beijing


Lotte Hotel Ulsan-Ulsan-Facilities


Equipped with advanced facilities to enjoy not only physical training but rest at leisure
- Based on the results of a total physical fitness checkup such as physical examination and an exercise load examination, professional trainers carry out personal trainings for each customer
- Dive into a one-on-one workout program with a personal trainer