Enjoy hotel fine dining in the comfort of your own home
Period : 2022-01-01 - 2022-12-31
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※Online Reservations : Reservations can be made until midnight (12:00 AM) of the day before the order date.
※Phone Reservations : Reservations can be made up to 3 hours before pick-up on the order date.
※Pick-up is available at the drive-thru zone in front of the door desk on the first floor of LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL or at the designated store.
※The above menu is subject to change according to the availability of food ingredients.


MOMOYAMA : Signature Box

In times like these, when people spend more time at home, for your precious family.
LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s nutritious signature lunch box will be a reassuring gift.
Order a warm meal carefully prepared by our master chefs, with convenient pick up, and enjoy.

deli, New DT

Delica-Hans : Best Collection

Premium dining you can enjoy anytime, anywhere!
Lamb chops and lobster that melts in your mouth, tender and moist grilled black cod, deep-fried shrimp, etc.
Pick up the ‘Best Collection’ that consists of LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s popular menu items in convenience and enjoy them to the full.

DELI, Fine Dining at Home

Fine Dining at Home

Enjoy our modestly-priced fine dining courses in the safety and comfort of your home.
Proposing and elegant home dining with wine paired perfectly and a floral centerpiece to brighten up your table.

Mugunghwa, DT

Mugunghwa Healing Box

-Seafood Japchae
-Grilled Black Cod
-Gamtae Bibimbap
-Seafood Gangjeong
-Steamed Seasoned Abalone
-Bean Paste Soup
-Chicken Salad and Dressing
-Side Dishes
-Multi-color Vegetables
-Roll Kimchi
-Seasonal Fruits
Facility information
  • Site name
  • Location
    Main Tower 38F
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  • Site name
    Delica Hans
  • Location
  • Type
    Bakery (Korean and Western style can be ordered)

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  • Site name
  • Location
    Main Tower 38F
  • Type
    Korean cuisine

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