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Every man’s memory is his private Literature
-Aldous Huxley-

‘Every person’s memory becomes their own philosophy.’

The Sulwhasoo Spa is a space where you can feel the value of harmony and balance pursued by Sulwhasoo and its philosophy that encapsulates the wisdom of Asia. Sulwhasoo Spa was designed to convey the message of “creating a story from your very own memory” after you receive continuous care and service from a therapist.
From the moment you enter the spa to the moment spa care is over, experience a variety of techniques used to express the brand story and craftsmanship as well as the beauty of Korea as reinterpreted in this contemporary space. The waiting room at the spa includes a piece of collaborative art by the master craftsman who created 10-Panel Palace Plum Flower Embroidery in the early 20th century that incorporates the special techniques of traditional Korean embroidery.
The “Yunhwemae” is a wax sculpture of Japanese apricot flowers. This craftwork is also made according to traditional methods. It was reborn as a display production that expresses the brand philosophy and heritage pursued by Sulwhasoo. The spa is located in LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, built in 1979 in the heart of Seoul, a historic city. Its floor plan is similar to LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL rooms, and you can feel the metaphorical beauty of traditional Korean beauty in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.


  • Type
  • Location
    Main Tower 7F
  • Hours
    10:30 – 21:00
    Closed on last Monday of each month


  • Sulwhajung - an application of fragrance and dry cloth rub

A dry cloth rub is a fragrance treatment practiced by the royal family of the Joseon Dynasty used to calm the mind. The treatment involves rubbing a beautiful fragrance inspired by Korea's nature, flowers, leaves, trees, and forests
on a dry cloth to maximize the effect of the treatment and awaken the five senses

  • Red ginseng foot bath - the start of treatment

Before the treatment starts, we give our customers a red ginseng foot bath and ginseng scrub as respect. The energy of red ginseng and the warm vitality of warm water relieves foot fatigue and comforts the body and mind

  • Natural applicator that enhances the effects of treatment

The material that contains nature’s energy increases the effects of treatment. We will use jade to enhance skin regeneration, white porcelain which has excellent purification effect, and amber to give young energy to the skin. All of these come together with Sulwhasoo products and they enhance the effects of treatment

  • Tea Service

The ginseng-based Welcome Tea refreshes and relaxes the body. After a relaxing treatment, treat your palate with an invigorating tea made of mountain dates and Pungi ginseng served with Korean snacks to complete the inner and outer harmony pursued by Sulwhasoo


TEL +82-2-318-6121 Make a Call

* If you wish to change or cancel your reservation, please call at least 24 hours before your reservation.

* For the optimal spa experience, please arrive 15 minutes early.
Hours: Monday - Sunday 10:30 AM - 9:00 PM (closed every last Monday of the month)