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The Lounge Bar and restaurant, located adjacent to the LOTTE HOTEL MOSCOW ground floor lobby, is an ideal place for social and business gatherings. Stylish interiors, gentle live music, and excellent service are conducive to both relaxation and communication. An inspiring menu featuring delicious seasonal Russian, Korean, and international cuisine will energise and delight guests, far surpassing expectations of a hotel bar.

Whether you're starting your day, conducting a business lunch, or enjoying an elegant afternoon tea or light dinner, The Lounge Bar offers an impressive array of fine dining options for every occasion. It boasts a varied breakfast menu, a wide selection of salads, soups, sandwiches, hot dishes, pasta, risotto, and grilled dishes, as well as an assortment of fresh desserts that deserve special mention.

Visit The Lounge Bar at any time of day to enjoy tea, coffee, chocolate, an aperitif, or a digestif. Depending on the season, guests are invited to taste signature warm or cold cocktails, as well as classic and signature cocktails and an impressive selection of wines and noble spirits.


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The Lounge


Mon - Thu: 08:00 ~ 00:00
Fr - Sat : 08:00 ~ 02:00
Sun: 08:00 ~ 00:00

The lounge bar

Explore our breakfast menu novelties at The Lounge bar

There are many new items on The Lounge Bar menu, sure to please all kinds of breakfast lovers.

In addition to classic dishes made with eggs or traditional cottage cheese, the legendary Israeli Shakshuka has appeared on the menu — a flavourful dish of baked eggs with tomatoes, peppers, and fragrant cilantro.

If your day starts after noon, we recommend the Asian bowl, a Korean style breakfast with rice, quail, smashed cucumbers, kimchi, and guacamole.


Mon-Sun: 06:30~02:00

Seasonal Offers

Russian Tea Ceremony


Tea is served in small, tabletop samovars with the authentic Russian tea glasses and coasters. Guests of the ceremony are offered freshly-baked blini with caviar; savoury mushroom, cabbage, meat, and fish pies; and our signature Tula gingerbread and mini desserts.

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World-famous barista Marco Poidomani at The Lounge Bar
The Lounge Bar presents an exclusive coffee beverage collection created by famous Italian barista Marco Poidomani during his visit to LOTTE HOTEL MOSCOW.


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TEL +7 495 287 0521 Make a Call