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Since its 2016 opening on the second floor of LOTTE HOTEL MOSCOW, OVO has been one of the capital's most remarkable brands and has accrued a number of high-profile gastronomic awards, both Russian and international. Recommended by the prestigious MICHELIN Guide, OVO is listed among the top 45 restaurants in Moscow.

The kitchen's Head Chef Denis Stepanov began his career at LOTTE HOTEL MOSCOW over ten years ago, after establishing himself at award-winning European restaurants and working with famous gastronomic stars of both France and Italy. His culinary approach is distinguished by a reverence of ingredient quality, honouring the tastes of guests with his signature style.

OVO's modern Italian cuisine is based on the finest local products, traditional and cutting-edge techniques, and sophisticated flavours combined with impeccable preparation and spectacular dish presentation. The menu includes gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegetarian-friendly options, all of which are marked with special icons, and calorie count for each dish is indicated next to its name.

Among the indisputable advantages of OVO is a first-class location overlooking Novinsky Boulevard and Novy Arbat. Cheerful interiors feature bright panels and white marble that transport guests to sunny Sicily during the daytime and the foggy Como coast by evening, lit by flickering candles. Muted live music creates a special mood as guests gather at a large central table, tucked away on a soft semicircular sofa by the window, or in one of the private rooms. No matter what guests are seeking—a business lunch, a romantic dinner, a family event, or a meeting with friends—it's sure to be a remarkable experience.


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OVO restaurant

Flavour of Tuscany: New cocktails from AMARO SANTONI at OVO

Tuscany. The birthplace of culinary delicacies and exquisite drinks, including Amari Santoni, a unique liqueur made from 34 Tuscan herbal ingredients, born near Florence from a small family business with half a century of history. Discover OVO restaurant’s special cocktails made with Amaro Santoni liqueur and Bruni prosecco and created for those who love to spend time together and savour the leisurely moments before a wonderful lunch or dinner. Experience the liqueur’s pleasant bitterness and light sweetness paired with herbal and floral notes and a pronounced citrus aftertaste in the signature Santoni Sgroppino and Santoni Spritz.


Mon-Fri: 12:00-23:00

Sat-Sun: 14:00-23:00


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