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Yeouido Park

Yeouido Hangang Park

Yeouido Hangang Park is located in Yeouido, the center of politics, finance and media, and is a favorite attraction for office workers and ordinary citizens due to its good accessibility by public transportation such as subways and buses.

Lotte City Hotel Mapo - Introduction - Seoul Tourist Area - Yongsan Dragon Hill Spa

Yongsan Dragon Hill Spa

The Yongsan Dragon Hill Spa is a charcoal sauna permeated with an oak fragrance created by traditional heating techniques.

The jjimjil-bang and spa facilities offer sweating rooms/sauna, an open-air bath, seawater bath, salt room, swimming pool, and health center.

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Lotte City Hotel Mapo - Introduction - Seoul sightseeing spot - Gongdeok Market

Gongdeok Market

There is a place that starts on one side of the market alley to form an alley and attracts customers more actively than the market commercial district. That is Gongdeok-dong Market Jokbal Alley.

Lotte City Hotel Mapo - Introduction - Seoul sightseeing spot - Hyochang Park

Hyochang Park

Hyochang Park covers 122,245 square meters spanning across Hyochang-dong and Cheongpa 2-dong. It is a historic landmark that once contained several royal tombs, and was known at that time as Hyochangwon.

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