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Gyeongui Line Forest Road

Gyeongui Line Forest Park

Gyeongui Line Forest Park is a linear park spanning 6.3 kilometers from Mapo District to Yongsan District.
An iconic walking trail in Seoul, it stretches along a railway through urban areas, connecting the city and forest, past and present, and generations and eras. This public rest area is easily accessible to all.
In Mapo District, enjoy village relics of the past in the Sinsu-dong section, such as Seontongmulcheon and Musoemak, and cherry blossoms during spring in the Daeheung-dong section. In the Yeomni-dong section, there is also a green rest area with a metasequoia trail and Zelkova tree tunnel.

[Photo courtesy of Kwon Ra-yeong - Seoul Parks]

The war memorial of Korea

War Memorial of Korea

Located in Yongsan in the heart of Seoul, the War Memorial of Korea is the only war museum in Korea documenting 5,000 years of national military history. It serves as a national spirit education center that preserves and displays objects of significance, showing the reality of national defense wars. The War Memorial of Korea was founded by the War Memorial Association of Korea on June 10, 1994, in honor of the noble sacrifices of military veterans who gave their lives for their country.
In addition to operating 20 educational programs for everyone from children to the general public, it holds various cultural events throughout the year for memorial visitors, including the Military Band and Honor Guard Ceremony, the Children’s Day Culture Festival, the Memorial Day Drawing Contest, and the Korean War National Defense Culture Ceremony.

[Korea Tourism Organization: http://api.visitkorea.or.kr]

Yeouido Park

Yeouido Hangang Park

Located in the political, financial and media hub of Yeouido, Yeouido Hangang Park is a popular spot for office workers and residents alike, thanks to its accessibility via public transportation, including subways and buses.
It is a rest area with plenty of things to see and do, such as the cherry blossom festival in spring and various events in the fall, including live performances, marathons, and the Seoul International Fireworks Festival.
The nature-friendly parks of Bamseom and Yeouido Saetgang are relatively well-preserved in their natural state and make a valuable ecological experience center. Additionally, the Hangang Renaissance Project has created various new facilities that are hugely popular among visitors, including the Mulbit Square, the floating stage, the floating water fountain, the waterfall of light, the piano waterway, the festival land and the yacht marina.

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Lotte City Hotel Mapo - Introduction - Seoul sightseeing spot - Hyochang Park

Hyochang Park

Located in Hyochang-dong and Cheongpa 2-dong with a total area of 122,245 m² (1.32 million ft²), Hyochang Park is a historic site formerly known as Hyochangwon. Hyochangwon is the burial ground of Crown Prince Munhyo, the first son of King Jeongjo of the Joseon Dynasty who was next in line to the throne but died at the age of 5. Once a large burial ground in a dense pine forest, it was home to the graves of Royal Noble Consort Uibin Seong, a royal concubine of Jeongjo and mother of Crown Prince Munhyo, Royal Consort Sugui Park, a royal concubine of Sunjo, and her daughter Princess Yeongon. The tombs were later relocated to Uiryeongwon within the Seosamneung Cluster.

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