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Toh Lim

A Chinese haute cuisine restaurant boasting a panoramic view.
Toh Lim adds a modern flair to the beauty of Chinese tradition, and boasts a magnificent panoramic view of Nam Mountain, Kwanak Mountain, and the fortress of Namhansanseong. The chefs from mainland China present authentic Chinese cuisine for an exotic culinary experience.


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Lotte Hotel World-Dining-Restaurant


Lunch: 11:30~14:30
Dinner: 18:00~22:00

In keeping with government and local health authorities’ guidance to contain the spread of COVID-19,
our restaurant is temporarily operating with adjusted hours and limited capacity from Dec 18th until further notice.
Proof of vaccination and a negative result from a PCR test performed in the past 48 hours are required to use the facility.

• Mask or face covering is required.
• Practice 6ft/2m apart of social distancing.
• Please limit the conversation to a minimum while dining


  • 8 private rooms with different sizes (2 to 50 guests) available for refined business or family gatherings
  • Special monthly and seasonal event menus
  • Available for baby's first birthday party (traditional Korean table for first birthdays and photo table are provided free of charge)
  • Equipped with a beam projector, screen, and sound system


[ HALL ]

Toh Lim (Lunch Special) : ₩ 78,000
Chef Special (Dinner Special) : ₩ 88,000
Bok (Lunch Special) : ₩ 118,000
Oryong : ₩ 138,000
Yongjung : ₩ 198,000
Sooseon : ₩ 398,000

[ ROOM ]

Bok (Lunch Special) : ₩ 118,000
Oryong : ₩ 138,000
Yongjung : ₩ 198,000
Sooseon : ₩ 398,000


TEL Tel: +82-2-411-7800/7801 Make a Call