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La Seine

A stylish buffet restaurant spreading out delectable dishes every season.
La Seine is a large open-kitchen buffet restaurant where the style does not compromise the taste. Designed in the concept of a “food train,” guests can move from station to station as if on a train. Korean, Japanese, Western and more international cuisines are made and served at each station. A total of nine specialized stations offer some 150 different dishes made from the freshest seasonal ingredients available. Monthly food promotions contribute to redefining the culinary experience of a buffet.


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Breakfast 07:00~10:00
Lunch: 12:00~15:00
Dinner : 18:00~21:30

Weekends, Holidays

Breakfast 07:00~10:00
Lunch 1st: 11:30~13:20
Lunch 2nd: 13:50~15:40
Dinner 1st : 17:30 ~ 19:30
Dinner 2nd : 20:00 ~ 22:00

In keeping with government and local health authorities’ guidance to contain the spread of COVID-19,
our restaurant is temporarily operating with adjusted hours and limited capacity from Dec 18th until further notice.
Proof of vaccination and a negative result from a PCR test performed in the past 48 hours are required to use the facility

• Mask or face covering is required.
• Practice 6ft/2m apart of social distancing.
• Please limit the conversation to a minimum while dining.


  • 11 private rooms available for various occasions
  • Buffet prices and service hours are subject to change due to business needs

  • Rate Increase Notice : As of January 28, 2022, the rate will be increased as follows
  • Weekdays

- Breakfast: Adult ₩53,000 / Child ₩31,000
- Lunch: Adult ₩105,000 / Child ₩63,000
- Dinner: Adult ₩130,000 / Child ₩63,000

  • Weekends & Holidays

- Breakfast: Adult ₩53,000 / Child ₩31,000
- Lunch / Dinner: Adult ₩130,000 / Child ₩63,000

  • Children are from ages 4 to 12 (6th grade)
  • 10% service charge and 10% VAT included to the above price.


TEL +82-2-411-7811/7812 Make a Call
FAX +82-2-411-7413