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Like Bowling Alley

Come visit the Family Rock Bowling Alley, which has bumper bowling lanes that keep the balls from falling into the gutter and the children’s bowling balls, for an easy and exciting way to have a blast with everyone regardless of age.


  • Type
    Rock Bowling
  • Location
    Wellness Zone (B1F)
  • Hours
    (Sun~Thur) 10:00 ~ 03:00
    (Fri~Sat) 10:00 ~ 04:00


  • Rates (10:00~17:00) ₩3,500, (18:00~04:00) ₩4,500 / shoes rental fee ₩1,500
  • Benefits : Discounts available for hotel guests (10%) (Limited to game fees after 17:00 during the stay period)
  • Facilities
  • Bumper bowling lanes out of 12 lanes on total lane in a space of over 1,157square meters
  • Bumper Bowling : Gutter bumper bowling with bumpers on each side that keep the ball from falling into the gutters
  • Equipment : Bowling ball, bowling shoes, game zone, pro shop


TEL +82-52-972-7722