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Customer Rental Service

LOTTE HOTEL JEJU has a variety of items available to rent for the convenience of our guests during their stay.
Enjoy your time in Jeju with the help of our rental service.
Period : 2023-01-01 - 2023-12-31
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[List of Rental Items at LOTTE HOTEL JEJU]

Item Rates

Priority for

those with



(In Room telephone)

For Kids & Babies   Baby Crib   Free   Notice
  Bed Safety Guard   Free
  Bottle Sterilizer   Free
  Baby Bathtub   Free
Baby Toilet Seat Cover                      Free
  Bathroom Step Stool   Free
   Baby Food Service

Free of charge

(we heat up and bring the baby food that you provided, to your room.)

* Limited to baby foods that are confirmed and certified

in accordance with ISO 22000 certification,

instant rice, porridge, and instant foods are not included in the service




  Price: KRW 12,000 (order room service 1 hour in advance)  
  Lactation Room


- Venue: Kids World (Main Building 4F)

- Time: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Mon-Sun) 

* Contact the front desk for inquiries outside Kids World’s operating hours

  Baby Stroller   Free
General   Extra Bed   Price: KRW 48,400



  Hansil Blanket   Price: KRW 48,400
  Hansil Pillow   Free  
  Zen Buckwheat Pillow                      Free  
  Bio Pillow   Free  
  Memory Foam Pillow   Free  
  Lambswool Pillow   Free  
  Cotton Cloud Pillow   Free  
  Humidifier   Free  ●
  Dehumidifier   Free   ●
  Fan   Free  
  Scale   Free  
  Ironing Set   Free  
  Multiple Outlet Plug   Free  
  3-Jack Adapter   Free  
  Transformer   Free  
  Hot Bag   Free  
  Ice Pack   Free  
  Ice Pail   Free  
  Nail Clipper   Free  
 Concierge   Umbrella   Free     Notice
  Crutches   Free
  Wheelchair   Free
  Thermometer   Free  
Fitness   Gym Wear   Free     Notice
  Sneakers   Free  
  Socks   Free  
  Life Vest   Free  
  Kickboard   Free  
  Swimsuit   Price: KRW 8,000  
  Swim Cap   Price: KRW 2,000  
  Swim Goggles   Price: KRW 3,000  
He:on   Life Vest   Free     Notice
  Bathrobe   Free   
  Pool Towel   Free   
  Sun Bed   Free  
  Daybed   Price: KRW 33,000 / 3 hours (June - October)   
  • Items available for reservation can be reserved when you book a room (Reservation Office ☎1577-0360).
  • Some rental items are reserved on a first come, first served basis.
  • Rates include taxes and service charges.