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Extreme Kids sports club 『Champion R』

Be the first to experience “Champion R”, the upgraded version of the
exciting complex play space “Champion”, as we join hands with Playtime Group, a children’s play experience brand in Korea.
Give your children the playtime experience of a lifetime at Champion R while you spend a well-deserved vacation full of rest and relaxation.


  • Type
  • Location
  • Hours
    10:00 ~ 21:00


  • Rates (2 hours) : [Mon-Fri] Child₩20,000, Guardian₩6,000 / [Sat-Sun] Child₩25,000, Guardian₩6,000
  • ₩2,000 per each additional 10 minutes
  • Benefits: 10% discounts available for hotel guests
  • Admission: For children under 150cm
  • Facilities: 992㎡
  • Row Drop Wire: For short and sweet thrills during the day! An indoor modified zip line
  • Air Bar Spin: One-on-one against the Play Master! Jump, jump while avoiding the air bar!
  • Touch Slide: Speed up in a matter of seconds! A play facility where you go on top of a slide and touch with the palms of your hands
  • Rope Canyon: Get past the dangerous rope ravine and dive into the jungle!
  • Color Spin: Spin around and around inside the net of colors!
  • Bounce Ring: Grab the pole and jump up high! Watch your feet dangling in the sky!
  • Media Ball Pool: No more boring ball pools! This ball pool reacts to touch
  • Play Gym: A play facility with various slides and obstacles like a trampoline and bounce ring
  • Market Play and Cypress Play: Various experiences that stimulate and develop your child’s five senses

※ Children under the age of 36 months must be accompanied by a guardian for admission
※ Last admission time is 19:40


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