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Hongdae - the center of underground culture and urban arts A district for youths, Hongdae is a unique cultural locale bustling with cultural events including indie music, busking, and flea markets. It is a place where party and music-loving clubbers, free-spirited artists and hipsters come together.
L7 HONGDAE is a delightful cultural station, filled with chic and artistic individuals, that turns the mediocrity of an ordinary day into a festivity.


L7 Hongdae - Room - Superior - Superior Room


The bedding, which envelops you like soft music, is just the beginning. L7 HONGDAE is a cozy and comfortable space for all those who dream.
- 340 rooms that reflect the unique preferences and tastes of guests seeking the vibrant atmosphere of Hongdae
- he:on bedding system for ultimate comfort


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Enjoy a delicious day with trendy food at Floating, a New York style dining restaurant located on the 21st floor.
- Blue Roof Lounge, named in honor of the Blue Roof Gas Station
- A chic communal space that showcases the rich diversity of the Hongdae area
- Enjoy × Work + Relax! Selection of art literature, LP collection, and games


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Here, even a boring and painstaking workout can become an enjoyable activity. Say goodbye to stress with the latest special fitness equipment from Technogym.
- Aerobics zone, weights zone, stretching zone, etc.
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Located on the 22nd-floor rooftop, Floating is a fun oasis in the city, exclusively available at L7 HONGDAE.
- Outdoor swimming pool and bar with exotic vibes