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Safety Management

LOTTE HOTEL’s priority is guest safety and we make every effort by implementing and operating advanced systems while providing education and training to our staff members.

Fire Prevention Equipment

The central surveillance team in charge of controlling LOTTE HOTEL's facilities has implemented a state-of-the-art central control system for guest safety. In a perpetual effort to ensure guest safety, we have installed a flawless fire safety system including an emergency standby team around-the-clock.

· Fire prevention masks for all rooms
· Emergency broadcasting and lighting devices
· Some exhaust equipment, protection shutters, and spring coolers
· Gas leakage detectors
· Automatic fire detection facilities

Evacuation Facilities

LOTTE HOTEL has secured and manages evacuation facilities for the safe evacuation of all guests in emergency situations.

· Lifesaving emergency gondola
· Emergency bridge between the Executive Tower and Main Tower

Fire Fighting Training

As a premier hotel, LOTTE HOTEL has its volunteer fire fighting team perform regular training runs in order to raise safety awareness against fires and disasters and minimize disaster loss.

· Fire fighting competitions
· Comprehensive emergency rescue training