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LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS Associated Partners
work in strategic partnerships and collaborations with expert hospitality partners
to provide guests with new styles and eclectic experiences.

Local Stitch Creator Town Seogyo
Expansion of diverse experiences

Associated Partners use LOTTE Hotels’ operational know-how and services
to provide greater benefits and enhanced customer satisfaction.
The novelty and diversity of experiences take guests’ journeys to new heights.

Local Stitch Creator Town Seogyo

Abundance created by cooperation

Associated Partners collaborate with their partners to enrich and diversify experiences. Greater value is created through harmonious collaboration, shared ideas and experiences.

Admire the original ambience

LOTTE Hotels values the unique spirit and individuality of our partners ensuring diversity becomes a competitive edge for our brands.

Local Stitch

First Associated Partner

LOTTE Hotels and various creators join Local Stitch, a work and life community for creators in the city, in building its co-living brand of Local Stitch Creator Town.

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