Art Selection Disruption from the cracked wall 05
  • Artist
    Jisu JANG
  • Media
    Oil, charcoal, pastel on panel
  • Location
  • Description of the Work

    This work, which has the shape of black lines flowing along a split orange-colored wall, is installed at the main reception of the first floor lobby of Lotte Hotel Busan. The sight of charcoal lines penetrating through the cracks created when the orange wall collapses gives the feeling of escaping into one's inner wall to counter the pressure one feels when facing the world. However, by organizing the entire screen into a flow that prevents escape, the artist is trying to express the repetition of attempts to escape, failure to escape, regrouping, and division again in response to the pressure, and the inner fatigue or frustration that comes from it.

    Artwork Inquiry 02-543-1989

  • About the Artist

    Korean painter Jisu JANG explores themes of the emotional turbulence of the human experience. Her works touch upon themes of illness, mortality, and the fragility of physical and mental health. She lives and works in Daegu, Korea.

Jisu JANG (1993–, Korea)
  • BA in Painting, College of Fine Arts, EWHA Womans University