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LOTTE HOTEL BUSAN’s Mugunghwa is a high-end Korean restaurant that serves modern interpretations of traditional Korean cuisine. The exquisitely-prepared side dishes that were prepared using seasonal ingredients from all over the country and the soup-based main dishes cooked with patience and dedication offer a special gastronomic experience for not only Koreans but foreign tourists.
The interior design is based on modern renditions of the "Mugunghwa" (Hibiscus, the national flower of Korea), and the tableware collection reflects a restrained aesthetic that is unique to Korea to enhance the elegance of all mealtime gatherings. The magnificent view of Baekyangsan Mountain is breathtaking regardless of the season, time of day, or weather conditions, and this is yet another pleasure that can only be experienced at Mugunghwa.


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Lunch: 12:00 ~ 15:00 (L.O 14:20)
Dinner: 18:00 ~ 21:30 (L.O 20:40)


• Four private rooms for special mealtime gatherings (advance reservation required)

- Garam (Gang, river): can seat up to 8
- Nuri (Sesang, world): can seat up to 8
- Dasom (Sarang, love): can seat up to 8
- Maru (Haneul, sky): can seat up to 12

• The Garam and Dasom rooms may be combined to accommodate up to 18 guests
• The Garam and Nuri rooms may be combined to accommodate up to 18 guests
• The Garam, Dasom, and Nuri rooms may be combined to accommodate up to 28 guests

• Mugunghwa also features a wine collection that complements Korean cuisine. The resident sommelier offers wine pairings that will further enhance your meal

• The Bansang Course (served only in the main hall) is a light course meal offered at a reasonable price


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