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Premium Abalone - Taste Of Delights

With the philosophy of premium culinary and an unwavering dedication to creativity, Red River is honored to introduce a new menu with the theme of abalone.
Period : 2024-04-01 - 2024-06-30
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Crafted from the finest fresh abalone, and infused with bold Korean and Chinese flavors, these dishes promise a delightful and sophisticated culinary journey.

Offering a 4-course menu and 6 exceptional dishes, each selection aims to captivate the palate effortlessly.

Renowned for its rich protein content and abundant nutrients, abalone not only fosters internal vitality but also rejuvenates the skin. With its distinctive flavor and rarity, abalone shines as the star of every luxury feast, symbolizing elegance and opulence in the culinary world.

The menu will be available starting from April 1st, 2024.
Kindly place your pre-order for the Abalone set menu at least 1 hour in advance.

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    Red River
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    Signature Chinese Restaurant

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