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Admiral Fokin Street is located near the Central Square, it is also called Arbat because of its small length and the destination - only for pedestrians. The Beijing Contact, which distinguished between the Russian and Chinese possessions in the Far East, was signed in 1860. And one of the oldest streets in the city received its new name - Beijing. Only one century later, Beijing Street changed its name to Admiral Fokin, in honor of the admiral, who had commanded the Pacific Fleet for many years.

Marinsky Theatre

Mariinsky Theater

The Opera and Ballet Theater was built in 2012 as a part of the APEC summit; on January 1st, 2015, this theater received the official status of the Mariinsky Theater stage. The building has an original design, because it is made in the form of a “cube in a cube”. As one of the best theaters in Russia, the building is unique not only in the composition of the creative specialists, but also in the technical equipment: 14 elevators, 10 underground and elevated floors, 20 dressing rooms. Also, in this building there are special exits and elevators for people with disabilities. The theater has large-scale and beautiful opera and ballet performances.

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In the Primorsky Oceanarium you can see huge and perfect for its technical execution expositions and shows with the marine animals, that will not leave anyone indifferent. The variety of the natural landscapes, rivers, seas and oceans is amazing. One of the most memorable objects of this complex is an underwater tunnel with a long excavator (70 m), where visitors can watch all the inhabitants of the underwater world. In this complex there are about 500 kinds of freshwater and marine animals from all climatic areas of the earth.

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Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge on the bay has become a special symbol and one of the main sightseeing of Vladivostok. The bridge impresses with its size, at lengh of 1,400 m and at width of 30 m, one of its main features is V-shaped pylons. The bridge connects Vladivostok and the distant regions. The bridge construction looks most effective at night, when the lights turn on, and you can see beautiful views of the bay.