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No, this service is not available.

Standard check-in time is 15:00
Standard check-out time is 12:00

You may leave your luggage with the front desk before check-in and after check-out.

The parking lot may be used free of charge.

The pool is an outdoor pool and located on 2F Tower Wing. It is open from 9:00am ~ 8:00pm. It is free for all in-house guests only.

Free Wi-fi is available throughout the hotel and within the rooms.
Please connect to the Wi-Fi with the name "LOTTEHOTEL_GUAM" with your device.
There is no password.

Unfortunately, we do not allow pets in the hotel.

There are no vending machines available.

Yes. An ice machine is available at the Lounge & Deli, located on the 5th floor in the lobby area.

In-house guests can access the complimentary laundry machines and dryers, which are available 24 hours a day.
Laundry detergent is not provided.

Wheelchairs and strollers are available, but may only be used inside the hotel.
Numbers are limited, please inform the information desk or front desk if you wish to make use of these.

Yes, there is a convenience store inside the hotel. It is conveniently located near the front desk.

No, there are no foreign currency exchange machines in the hotel.

We kindly ask that you pay for your stay fee when you check in.
We accept payment via cash or all major credit cards.

The tower wing offers ocean views from the 6th floor to the 18th floor. Pool views are located on the 2nd floor.

The island wing offers partial ocean views and no view rooms depending on the room category selected.

Please contact us in advance if you have any specific requests.

Yes, however these rooms are based upon availability and must be requested in advance. Depending on the room type or other circumstances of your reservation, we may not be able to fulfill specific requests, so please contact us in advance.

The front desk is located in the center wing lobby.
Please visit the front desk for any concerns or queries .
Alternatively, you can dial "0" on the phone in your room.
The front desks are open 24 hours a day.

To turn on the lights in the room, insert the card key into the key case slot next to the room entrance door.

Please use the control panel on the wall of the room to adjust the temperature to your preference.

Yes, you can open the sliding door in your room to enter and exit the balcony area. However, please note that since we are located in a tropical island, if you leave the door open, insects may enter, so please be careful and do not leave the sliding door open.

Room keys are card-operated. Place the card key on the sensor on the doorknob to unlock the door. The door will then auto-lock when shut.

Please be sure to always bring your room key with you when you go out.

As a general rule, payment is required upon arrival. If you use additional services during your stay, we will settle the payment at the time of departure.

Feel free to use the telephones provided in your rooms.
To call other rooms within LOTTE Hotel Guam: press 70 + 3 digit room numbers for room numbers with 3 digits (0372). Press 7 + 4 digit room number for room numbers with 4 digits (1562).
To call a domestic phone number in Guam: press 9 + phone number from area code.
For International calls: press 9 + 010 + country code + phone number
* Please remember call charges apply for all domestic and international calls.

As an effort to conserve the environment, we will be providing Housekeeping service every other day during your stay. Waste basket, towels and other in-room amenities will be refreshed upon request. Should additional service be required, please feel free to contact Front Desk or Dial 0 from your room.

Free Wi-fi is available throughout the hotel and within the rooms.
Please connect to the Wi-Fi with the name "LOTTEHOTEL_GUAM" with your device.
There is no password.

Unfortunately, the hotel does not offer room service. Please use the restaurant and deli within the hotel grounds for meals.

Reservations can be made for the La Seine Restaurant. Please contact directly or book on OpenTable.